The Online Store Is Live!

The Online Store Is Live!

That's right!!! Secretly Scrapbooking will officially be an online retailer as of 5:30pm AWST today! It has been a difficult process and adjustment to adding an online store to my business as there is just so much to think about and learn but it has paid off and we are finally here! I am happy to announce my online store is open for business which will include handmade items and products from selected suppliers including Me and My Big Ideas! You can access the store through the following link:

Secretly Scrapbooking Online Store (

To tell you a little bit about my store it will offer unique products that I won't be selling at the Markets so there is still plenty of motivation to come and see me there as well to see what else I have available. Please be patient as I am currently limiting the stock on the store initially but this will soon grow as more stock is created and arrives. As mentioned previously I will not be selling glassware and mugs through the online store due to shipping risks however these are still available to order along with any other custom order you can imagine. Custom Orders will be handled as they have been in the past but I have now added an information page to my blog to help guide those who haven't ordered through me before. Orders have been steadily increasing so please understand if I am not able to fill orders with less than a week til deadline.

Various Glittered Stemmed Wine Glasses With Various Vinyl Wording - Secretly Scrapbooking (Copyright 2018) (Bunbury, WA)

In order to provide you with payment options the store is configured to process credit card transactions with Visa and Mastercard and you also have the option to use Paypal if you choose. At this time I am not offering any Buy Now, Pay Later providers such as ZipPay or AfterPay however I am happy to consider this in the future as an option if there is a demand.

I have put alot of effort into working with our software developer to get this store working efficiently so please feel free to let me know if you experience any difficulties, issues or errors as I want you to have the best experience possible. Our developers have indicated that they are happy to improve the store if anything is missing or needed so this is a great opportunity for you, my customers, to tell me what you would like to see.  Speaking of our developer, I would like to thank ActsIntuitively for their efforts in getting my store running in time for my launch date as they have taken on all our feedback and made a great effort to accommodate my needs. If you find yourself looking to have your own online store or are looking to change then I highly recommend them as a provider. You can find them through their website:

As always I am happy to chat with you about your needs so if you find yourself needing more information about the products on my store or custom needs I am only a message or email away. Hopefully you enjoy my online store and what it has to offer and, as mentioned previously, any feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for reading my post and please feel free to leave me a comment. Now it's time for me to go back to Secretly Scrapbooking.

Stella Xx
Bunbury, WA
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