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About / Contact Me

Secretly Scrapbooking is a registered business name for ABN 42 669 078 223.

My name is Kristel Rimmer, I'm a long time scrapbooker / card maker and now I am exploring the world of craft beyond papercraft. I operate and trade as a small business making and selling custom homemade crafted items. I'll happily try and make whatever you are looking for however keep in mind that as I am a business I must respect the laws with regards to copyright and trademarks.

Some of the items I make by category are:

  • Decorated Candles for All Occassions
  • Fashion (Shirts, Pants, Dresses, Jumpers and More)
  • Fashion Accessories (Handbags, Makeup Bags, Jewellery and More)
  • Drinkware (Glass, Ceramic, Plastic)
  • Homeware (Cushions, Photo Frames, Rugs, Signage and More)
  • Giftware (Money Boxes, Photo Frames, Coasters and More)
  • Baby Giftware
  • And The List Goes On...

Why Secretly Scrapbooking you might ask? Well it might surprise you to know that it's a secret...

If you are interested in having me make something you've seen or even something you haven't then please contact me and I would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a quote. I have a Custom Orders page that has more information on the subject which can be accessed from the navigation bar / menu.

If you are specifically interested in my candles please refer to these links:
Candle Product Launch | Candle Product List

I accept payment in person via cash or credit card or otherwise via credit card or bank transfer. Credit Card payments are processed using a "Square" which can process Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards.

If you are interested in using a "Square" yourself and would like a nice little discount when you sign up (see details here) then you can use my referral link.

Contact Details:

Kristel Rimmer
Director of Secretly Scrapbooking

e-mail: secretlyscrapbooking@gmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KristelRimmerSecretlyScrapbooking
author url: Kristel Rimmer
shop: https://shop.secretlyscrapbooking.com.au