2019 - 2020 Financial Year Announcement

2019 - 2020 Financial Year Announcement

This year has been a great year for Secretly Scrapbooking, we have grown, we have seen new customers and we are being followed by many who use our custom creations and online shop. It is from your support, encouragement and repeat business that we continue to exist, expand and have the ability to offer you more and more, so for this we thank you deeply.

With the new financial year approaching it is always interesting to see what is planned or changing with businesses like my own and this year brings about changes retail businesses dread. At the start of July the US Government brings into effect their various tariffs on China which has a dramatic effect on those who supply, distribute and end customers as much of the paper and materials we use actually originate in China. What does this mean for customers? It means price increases unfortunately and you will see increases from businesses like my own to much larger companies like Spotlight and online businesses as in order to remain profitable costs must be passed on. In terms of how this affects Australian customers? Well for distributors like myself this means that tariffs of 25% are applied in the US when they import from China which we then wear as a distributor which is impacted by rising exchange rates, and again taxed another 5% by Australian duties / tariffs and 10% GST applied. This multiplication means more than a mere 25% increase and so expect to see costs rise well above this for anything oriented around craft. In terms of Happy Planner products we anticipate price increases ranging from AUD$0.50 to AUD$5.00 as a rough estimate.

At Secretly Scrapbooking we are doing our best to minimise the impact to our customers but this will be outside our control once we need to restock our inventory. Rest assured that we will be seeking to remain competitive with other distributors for our various products and where possible we will explore options to provide alternatives that are more viable if costs become too high going forward. We are also investigating expanding our online shop this year to include product lines which will be of special interest to my fellow planner addicts. I will also continue to offer my custom services this year in conjunction with my existing retail product lines.

In terms of what is happening leading up to the End Of Financial Year there is nothing new on offer. The current sales will remain in effect until the 30th June after which these items will be retired. So if you are still looking for or intending to buy a 2019 Annual Year planner from me then I suggest you get in before End Of Financial Year as I will be removing them from my store. It is also a great time to buy a new Financial Year / 18 Month planner while stocks last at their current prices.

However your Financial Year went and no matter the challenges we face this year we have each other to lean on to get us through. I was once told that we grow from adversity and so it is that I shall grow, evolve and adapt to meet the challenges we now face. Goodluck and good fortune to you all.

As always I am happy to chat with you about your needs so if you find yourself needing more information about the products on my store or custom made needs I am only a message or email away. Hopefully you enjoy my online store and what it has to offer and, as mentioned previously, any feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for reading my post and please feel free to leave me a comment. Now it's time for me to go back to Secretly Scrapbooking.

Stella Xx
Bunbury, WA
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