Candle Product List

Candle Product List

Hi and welcome to my followup post regarding my Candle Product Launch I posted in June. (Product Launch Post)

I previously talked about that I am providing a service to decorate candles, however I also supply the candles themselves for decorating. Understanding that every customer is different I have sourced inexpensive candles, fragranced and fragrance free candles in an attempt to meet these varied needs. Typically I'll quote on the price to decorate candles based on the number of candles ordered, the size of the candle and the complexity of the decorating in addition to the cost of the candle itself. Availability of candle sizes, fragrances and burn duration may vary so it is advised that you contact me regarding your preferences before placing an order.

[Note - width (w) and height (h) measurements in cm]

Single Wick Fragrance Free Smokeless and Dripless Candles (White / Natural [Beige])

  • 5.0w x 7.5h, 15hrs burn time
  • 5.0w x 10.0h, 25hrs burn time
  • 5.0w x 15.0h, 40hrs burn time
  • 7.5w x 7.5h, 35hrs burn time
  • 7.5w x 10.0h, 50hrs burn time
  • 7.5w x 15.0h, 70hrs burn time
  • 7.5w x 25.0h, 100hrs burn time
  • 10.0w x 10.0h, 50hrs burn time
  • 10.0w x 15.0h, 75hrs burn time

Single Wick Fragranced Smokeless and Dripless Candles (Color linked with Fragrance)

  • 7.0w x 7.5h, 30hrs burn time
  • 7.0w x 10.0h, 45hrs burn time
  • 7.0w x 15.0h, 65hrs burn time

Potentially Available Fragrances:

  • White Tea (White)
  • Fresh Cotton (Teal)
  • Orange Blossom (Orange)
  • Coconut Lime (Moss Green)
  • Bali Spa (Blue)
  • Ruby Guava (Red)
  • Cinnamon Spice (Light Brown)
  • French Vanilla (Beige)

Inexpensive Single Wick Fragranced Candles (Color linked with Fragrance)

  • 6.5w x 7.5h, 30hrs burn time

Potentially Available Fragrances:

  • Vanilla & Jasmine (White)
  • Waterlily & Lotus (Pink)

So your next question will be well how much could one of these candles cost and this is a hard question to answer. The cheapest candle I sell decorated is $17.50 but they could be as high as $50 for a 25cm high candle or even more depending on what you would like done. If you are interested in getting a candle made I suggest you give me an idea of the following:

  • Fragrance or Fragrance Free
  • Is Dripless or Smoke Free important?
  • Rough Size
  • What is the candle for?
  • What do you want on your candle?

Here is a guide on what to think about regarding what you want on your candle:

  • A photo on the candle?
  • Maybe you'd like just a word or some specific wording?
  • Would you like some ribbon, some embellishments?
  • Will the candle be burned and if so, should the wording or the photo be positioned towards the base to keep it longer?

Hopefully this helps when and if you order a candle from me.
Looking forward to hearing from you but for now...back to Secretly Scrapbooking!

Oh one last thing in case you aren't aware of the basic safety precautions for candles here they are:

  • Candles should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

  • Remove all packaging from the candle before lighting.

  • Always trim the candle wick to 6mm before lighting.

  • A candle should only be burnt on heat resistant surfaces and should be placed in or on a secure candle holder. Ensure that the candle is stable prior to lighting it.

  • Never burn a candle on or near flammable materials.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.

  • Do not move a wax candle of any type until the wax has solidified.

Stella xx
Bunbury, WA
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