Custom Orders

At Secretly Scrapbooking we hope to help people fulfill their needs and often this means you need something custom made.

Some of the items I make by category are:

  • Decorated Candles for All Occassions;
  • Fashion (Shirts, Pants, Dresses, Jumpers and More);
  • Fashion Accessories (Handbags, Makeup Bags, Jewellery and More);
  • Drinkware (Glass, Ceramic, Plastic);
  • Homeware (Cushions, Photo Frames, Rugs, Signage and More);
  • Giftware (Money Boxes, Photo Frames, Coasters and More);
  • Baby Giftware; and
  • The List Goes On...

Typically I request that you allow two (2) weeks for custom work to allow me time to:

  • prepare and source designs;
  • provide proof designs for approval;
  • rework changes as required;
  • carry out the work;
  • check the end result; and
  • prepare the item for pickup / shipping.

Note: shipping times vary and extra time may be required if you live outside a city metropolitan area.

Custom orders that are required to be completed as a priority in less than two (2) weeks may affect the quotation and incur additional charges such as with shipping. Please also keep in mind that not every product we can make is "shipping / post" friendly such as glassware and candle products so please check with us if you would like the products sent to you. Also due to the increase in bulkier orders I may also request that you pay a deposit to allow me to cover the costs of procurement for items especially when these will be customised as well.

If you are specifically interested in my candles please refer to these links:
Candle Product Launch | Candle Product List

In the world of custom orders it is often thought that this includes duplicating another person's / businesses work however, as a small business, I am expected to operate lawfully. Essentially if you make a request we will assess if we can fulfil your request without breaching copyright or trademarks which may include using alternatives and if this cannot be achieved then we may refuse the order. Refusal is usually given for custom orders requesting unauthorised use of proprietary imagery  such as logos (i.e. professional sport teams), trademarked animated characters (i.e. Disney) or images created by another person who has not made them available for commercial sale / use or has not provided permission.

Contact Details:

Kristel Rimmer
Director of Secretly Scrapbooking

author url: Kristel Rimmer