A Christening Gift Alternative...

A Christening Gift Alternative...

Hi and welcome to my post on an alternative Christening gift! Today I would like to share a shadow frame money box and card that I did up as a christening gift for a client. Sometimes it's hard finding that unique gift for someone special and I thought I would share this idea with you if you are struggling to find that something special for these hard to buy for occasions.

Money boxes are such a versatile gift as there are two parts of it that can be customised, namely the backing paper/image and the front panel where you can choose both your wording and colour of vinyl. Typically I recommend having any text on the front panel as as items or money fill up the backing will be obscured. It is also important to note that if there isn't a noticable contrast (light and dark) difference between the front panel and the backing that this can make it difficult to see the text or images well on the front. The slot for the money is slightly larger than a 50c piece meaning notes need to be folded as is the case for most money boxes. The money is accessible by opening the back of the money box which is kept in place by little metal arms.


Money boxes as a christening gift is unusual but quite practical as they serve as a reminder of an important event in the years to come, while also being a vessel for money or memories. It is quite an important skill for children to learn to save, a skill that is also fun to learn for children as they grow. As the backing of the money can be removed temporarily this also allows other keepsakes to be kept safely for the future. This is a great alternative to the bank account method as the kids can see the money build up and fun to count when the time comes to buy something or it fills up.

As with any important event it's nice to receive a card, and for this special event the card was personalised for the Godparent to present to their Godson. The colours used for the card and moneybox were intended to match with the light powder blue, contrasted with the gold / silver giving a pleasing look and feel when coupled with the embossed stars on the card.


Thanks for reading my post and please leave a comment if you found this post helpful as I discover more and more unique gift ideas to share with you all. Now it's time for me to go back to Secretly Scrapbooking!

Stella Xx
Bunbury, WA
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