Happy Planner Addicts! New 2019 MAMBI Stock Have Arrived!

Happy Planner Addicts! New 2019 MAMBI Stock Have Arrived!

That's right Australia, I have received new stock from the 2019 Happy Planner product list which features a range of products inclusive of 18 months planners. Me & My Big Ideas (MAMBI) has released a number of new and different items in this catalog including classic half sheet notebooks and journal oriented items, not to mention the popular recipe oriented items.

It is always hard to decide what I will stock but rest assured I have used the feedback from my local happy planners as a guide to what was most sought after and generally includes:

  • Mini 12 Month Planners;
  • Classic 18 Month Planners (Including Deluxe);
  • BIG 18 Month Planners;
  • Classic & Mini Recipe Planners;
  • Classic Half Sheet Notebooks;
  • Classic & Mini Happy Journal;
  • BIG, Classic & Mini Happy Notes;
  • Classic & Mini Extension Packs;
  • Half Sheet, Full & Embellished Fill Paper
  • Plastic Envelopes;
  • Sticky Tabs;
  • Snap In Tabs;
  • Multi Packs;
  • Discs;
  • Stamps;
  • Snap In Stickers; and
  • Sticker Packs.

If you have not heard of me before it is because I am new to online retail, I started in late 2018 as an extension of my existing growing small business oriented around making custom items for a number of years now. I am part of a very small group of people in the South West of Western Australia who, like me, are planner addicts and found that locally, inclusive of Perth, that we didn't really have anyone who catered to our needs. Since opening my online store I have seen the conversion of people from other planner brands and helped people find this fun and social addiction which is growing in our community. Planning is often thought of as a function, something we do, but I also see it as a social function, something that brings people together and allows us to celebrate who we are.

You may have noticed that most of the large distributors are based out of New South Wales with postage adding extra cost (and time) which essentially meant you had to buy everything from one place to justify the cost. To combat this I have opened my online business in Bunbury allowing me to ship nationally but also provide a place in Western Australia where people can pick up items if they choose or offer people who are interested a chance to see products in person. If postage is your only option then you should know that I often try to post items the same day for weekday orders because I know that you can't wait another second to get your hands on your package.

As I custom make other products as well don't be afraid to ask if you can have your planner monogrammed which I can happily do with vinyl. No matter where you are from or your level of planner addiction I am hoping to be your new planner retailer and remember to check the full price including postage on our store as you might just find we are cheaper too. See my shop below:


As always I am happy to chat with you about your needs so if you find yourself needing more information about the products on my store or custom made needs I am only a message or email away. Hopefully you enjoy my online store and what it has to offer and, as mentioned previously, any feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for reading my post and please feel free to leave me a comment. Now it's time for me to go back to Secretly Scrapbooking.

Stella Xx
Bunbury, WA
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