Kids Rockin Custom Threads

Kids Rockin Custom Threads

Hi and welcome to my Kids Rockin Custom Threads blog post! Today I would like to share with you some recent projects where I created custom designed kids outfits. I created two boys, two girls and a set of three generic outfits which I think highlights that you can really just about have anything put onto an outfit. I don't know about you but I have spent many an hour combing the shops for the perfect little outfit that has a childs favourite animal or theme for a special gift and now this is rarely an issue. I am glad that I started making these as now I am only limited by my imagination, designs and my patience which is why I am sharing this with you.

Hot Pink Girls Skivy With Purple and Moave Glitter Sassy, Cute, Sweet, Classy Compass Design - Secretly Scrapbooking (Copyright 2018) (Bunbury, WA)
The first item I would like to show you is this cute little hot pink skivy that I designed. For this skivy, I used plain purple and moave glitter orientated theme which matches the hot pink well. This design is quite playful and is a flexible design as you can change up the words and colours to suit the child it's for. This was made for little girl who is four years old going on 16 and suited her personality so well.

Soft Pink Girls Shirt With Unicorn Head and Purple Glitter Be{You}tiful Design - Secretly Scrapbooking (Copyright 2018) (Bunbury, WA)
Who doesn't love a unicorn shirt...I thought this was a cute design to do with a number of different colours and is a great use of layers. This design gives you many options in terms of colours and to customise the wording under the unicorn. There are a couple of options other then hearts but I really liked the hearts for this design. I have used some sparkly purple glitter for the wording on this design and seriously, what little girl doesn't like glitter?

Grey and Navy Boys Hoodie With Navy Triceratops Three (3) Cutout, Yellow Ampersand and Red Rawr-some Design - Secretly Scrapbooking (Copyright 2018) (Bunbury, WA)
This design I made up for a Rawr-some little boy who is 3 years old and he loves to go around yelling "Roar" and pretending he is a dinosaur. I had a number of dinosaur siloheuttes to choose from but settled on the triceratops as the body allowed me to cut out a larger number. I used a combination of yellow, navy and red on this little boys hoodie which I think ties in really well with the fabric colours.

Navy Boys Shirt With Yellow Dane Monster Text and Yellow Our Lil Monster Design - Secretly Scrapbooking (Copyright 2018) (Bunbury, WA)
This super cute "Monster" shirt was made with a bright yellow theme so it would stand out on the dark blue shirt. I chose this design as I really liked the monster letters and thought it gave the shirt a bit of character just like the soon to be owner. The monster letters are a complete set so it was super fun and easy to design with and makes them great for creating feature wording.

Black Tops With White Don't Mess With Me My Aunt Is Crazy And She Will Punch You In The Face Very Hard Design - Secretly Scrapbooking (Copyright 2018) (Bunbury, WA)
Last but not least this was a design I was asked to do up for a family with an awesome Aunt. I thought this design suited her down to a tee as she is crazy but not sure if she is as violent as the shirt suggests... I can't wait to see photos with all the kids in their shirts and using a common theme is a great way to bring the family together.

As you can see my creations are expanding and I am loving the world of designing which allows me to make all these new creations. If you find yourself wanting something unique and different feel free to contact me and I'll see if I can recommend something just for you. Thanks for reading my post and please feel free to leave me a comment or contact me if you see something you like or if you would like Something custom made for Someone. Now it's time for me to go back to Secretly Scrapbooking!

Stella Xx
Bunbury, WA
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