Candle Product Launch

Candle Product Launch

Hi all and welcome to a blog post I have been putting off for way too long! I'm officially launching a part of my business that I feel is important I pursue which is separate to being an Independent Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator. I am now launching personalised candles as a product I'll be making as a dedicated product which I won't be marking with Stampin' Up! products but rather made as a product in their own right. I am making these separate to Stampin' Up! as I desire more control over what I can make, market and sell.

I was first asked in March this year about making some personalised candles for a family member who's children were being christened as she had procured some large 20cm high non drip pillar candles which she wanted decorated. She could not really find anyone who did this and so I gave it a try and they turned out really well.

Christening Day Candles - Two, One Per Child

In addition to these I was also asked to make some smaller tokens for them to give to friends and family who attended the event on scented palm and paraffin wax candles which were not non drip.

Christening Gift Candles - Eight

This inspired me to look into making these on a permanent basis as since then I have been asked to make many more for people and it has touched their lives in a really positive way. I love that I am making something that is personalised and has made such a big difference to those peoples days. Not to say that a card doesn't do the same but this just feels like it is doing something a little more for those who receive them.

I have since then been doing some research and trying various concepts out but started making a few samples which I have given out to help market these through referral businesses and made the following set of four (4) candles. I have made an anniversary gift, a pet memory and two for bereavement.

Anniversary Gift Candle - Lots Of Love
Pet Memory Gift Candle - Dog
Bereavement Anniversary Gift Candle - Elderly Man
Bereavement Anniversary Gift Candle - Baby

There are many different reasons to make candles and I have made a number of them trying to get the technique to make them reliably and in reasonable volume. I can make them using both black / white and colour. I have been trying different candle types, brands and sizes which has helped me work out what will and won't work well. Some occasions I have made these for are:

  • anniversaries
  • weddings
  • births
  • christenings
  • birthdays
  • thankyous
  • bereavement (funeral / anniversary of loss)

and I am sure there are more occasions that these can be made for. If you are interested in having a candle made, have a candle you'd like decorated or simply would like to enquire about something you may want made please contact me.

Update 09th July 2017: Candle Product List

I am also seeking support from selected charitable foundations to support there causes so hopefully you may also hear more on this in the near future. Thankyou for reading my blog and hopefully you find this interesting or support me in this endeavour. Now it's time for me to go back to Secretly Scrapbooking!

Stella Xx
Bunbury, WA
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